slipcovers for sectional sofas

Innovative Slipcover Sofa to Avoid Boredom

The slipcover sofa sounds more interesting nowadays if compared to a ready to wear sofa. Some of us maybe still wondering what are the differences of sofa with slipcover and sofa with no slipcover. At the most common definition, sofa without slipcover is sofa which has made full coating. The coating for the sofa with such design are one packet and is united with the sofa itself, therefore they are […]

boy crib bedding sets

Things to Consider When Picking Crib Bedding for Boys

Having crib bedding for boys in nursery room is essential to bring kind of comfortable feeling for the baby boys. The choices for boy’s crib bedding are almost limitless so that you can easily choose kind of colors, patterns and styles that suit to the nursery concept. So that for parents with baby boy, when you decide to move crib bedding from baby shop to nursery room, you need to […]

curtain rod finials

Curtain Rod and How to Choose Them

The curtain rod for window treatment comes in different style, color, decorative hardware and material. Even though, the window covering takes the advantage of focal point effects. Don’t ever take it easy when it comes to rod for curtain. Since, it is for reasons why there are many options available on market. It is true that pick the best rod for window treatment is not as complicated as rule the […]

rustic style dining room sets

Rustic Dining Room Sets for Rustic Feel Dining Room

Having rustic dining room sets are truly important to gain the rustic atmosphere in dining room, without dining rustic sets the concept will be failed. The notion of rustic is bringing back the beauty of nature in any certain room (here dining room). So then, when you want to pick dining room sets in rustic style remember what kind of things you will find in nature. Confuse? Don’t be. You […]

garage door panel replacement

Vintage Appeal of Carriage Garage Doors

The carriage garage doors are typically garage doors which have a set of barn doors that characteristically swung outwards. The idea of carriage door for garage is coming from carriage house in a century ago when the first invention of automobile, where a carriage house as a place to keep the buggies and horses change its function as a place to store the new mode transportation tools. The trends about […]